Thank you for your incredible generosity during the Out Of This World Grand Auction. Your participation ensures all students at Woodside School will be taught in small classes and have access to art, design, global languages, literacy, music, physical education, and social and emotional learning. Great job everyone!

Mark your calendar for our next Grand Auction

on Saturday, May 19, 2018!

Count-Me-In Parties / Auction Catalog

Be sure to check out the count-me-in parties that still have spaces available HERE.  For descriptions of the upcoming parties, view the 2017 Out Of This World Catalog (PDF).

Post-Auction Guidelines

(1) Please pay your auction invoice by next Friday, June 2. Drop off checks in the Foundation mailbox in school main office or the WSF office. Payment by check is preferred and credit cards will be charged for outstanding balances the week of June 5. Note that credit card payments are subject to a 3% fee. If you would like to pay with stock, wire transfer or send a check from a fund or bill payment service, please contact the WSF office.

(2) Please check your final invoice for winner's instructions (to be emailed Wednesday, May 24). It is the responsibility of the winning bidder to contact the donor for items that require making arrangements. If you are part of a syndicate group, it is the LEAD bidder's responsibility to contact the host on behalf of the group and notify the others accordingly. The winner's instructions are only sent to the lead bidder. 

(3) For events that do not have a set date, it is incumbent upon the winners to contact the donor and jointly finalize an event date. In order to ensure that buyers can enjoy their event in the 2017-2018 academic year, please set your event date before September 1, 2017. If you need to know who bought your items please email us at

(4) If you do not make contact with the donor by the end of the 2017-2018 school year, the donor is under no obligation to host the event.

Photos and More

View the beautiful photos from Out Of This World. Thank you to our fabulous photographer, Tanya Greening, and to Charles Schwab for providing the awesome photo booth.  Click to view the fun photo booth photos!


Thanks from Dana

Thank you to everyone who made the auction a success. The whole team is listed in your auction catalog with their official roles but there are a few who went above and beyond and I'd like to specifically thank them.  When you see them, please thank them for their efforts — they all worked their tails off, wore many hats, and did basically anything that was asked of them to make this auction a success. Seriously, they were all amazing - and an absolute BLAST to work with! THANK YOU!

Melissa Zdrodowski • Scottie Durrett • Robyn Cornyn • Julia Hinshaw
Meghan Clark • Staci Cole • Alana Jacobson • Jenny Hayden • Chandler Evans
 Craig Adams • Michelle Ahlström • Karen Poole • Andrea Shaw  
Christine Hutchinson • Jeanne Connolly • Dee Simonelli • Karen Fleck 
and last, but certainly not least, Bo Magnussen!
Once more, thank you so very much for your commitment to Woodside School and its students! 


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