Art Contest Winners Announced!

Congratulations to all of our winners. You will find their amazing artwork on the following auction materials:

Cover of Printed Catalog: Desi S., 4th grade

Online Invitation: Zoya K., Kindergarten

Poster 1: Addie A., 8th grade

Poster 2: Katie M., 8th grade

Live Auction Pamphlet: Christopher B., Preschool, William B., 2nd grade, Andrew B., Kindergarten, J.P. D., 2nd grade, Noa S., Kindergarten, Henry K., 2nd grade, Phoebe C. & Rene J., 1st grad, eBryn D., 4th grade, Cira F., 1st grade, Anna H., 4th grade, Grant G., 1st grade, Sierra S. & Emma Z., 4th grade, Kai T., 1st grade, Kate C., 6th grade, Alex Z., 1st grade, Josephine M., 6th grade, Sadie A., 2nd grade

Honorable Mentions: John W., 2nd grade, Makena H., 3rd grade, Siena de H., 4th grade, James W., 4th grade, Olivia and Zoe A., 5th grade

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