What to Donate

Round up friends, families and others to put a donation together. Think about how you could offer a unique experience that cannot be easily purchased. Providing an experience is a LOT simpler than you think and can lead to some spirited bidding due to originality or just plain fun.

Do you like to cook?

  • Host 3-6 kids for a holiday cookie making or decorating party
  • Gather your neighbors and host a themed progressive dinner party through your neighborhood
  • Provide 12 months of cookies
  • Offer a cooking demonstration or cater a meal

Are you less than two degrees of separation from a sports figure or author?

  • Arrange a lunch with a celebrity, author, or sports figure
  • Arrange for a local sports figure to offer a clinic for a group of children
  • Donate hard-to-get-tickets to a sporting event or a day of golf at a private club

Do you have a special talent or hobby?

  • Knit a scarf, sew doll clothes, stitch a quilt
  • Host a themed playdate or share your expertise with a group of kids or adults (graphic design, photography)
  • Lead a group of kids or adults on a hike

Are you artistic, musical or theatrical?

  • Donate a custom wall mural or provide art lessons for 2-3 children
  • Play a musical instrument at a house party for entertainment
  • Give music lessons to an adult or child
  • Donate concert , theater, or opera tickets

Does your family have a vacation home, apartment or boat?

  • Take a family sailing in your boat
  • Arrange a private tour or excursion to a monument nearby

Let us help!

We have a whole team of people who can help you brainstorm ideas or execute the ones you may already have. For any item you can specify the duration, timing, number of people, ages etc., and we may be able to help you with venues and additions to make it easier or more fun. Some people collaborate with friends to make their ideas happen and it’s a fun way to involve your kids or the whole family!


For inquiries about our Auction please contact one of this year’s Online co-chairs, Chandler Evans or Julie Sequeira; or one of our Live auction co-chairs, or Alana Jacobson or Eva Schreier