The Woodside Circus
Fund-A-Need is a donation to our school’s budget and supports core academics and robust programs such as music, art, PE, global languages, early literacy, the school library and our coveted small class sizes. Public funding covers approximately three-quarters of the cost of the outstanding education Woodside School provides for it students. The Foundation strives to meet its goal to raise approximately 20% of the operating budget for our school. Our community continues to demonstrate amazing generosity and commitment to our public school. Please consider donating to help all students at Woodside School!
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Our mission is to provide a dependable flow of funds to supplement the budget at Woodside School. Our aim is to ensure continued excellence academic, social programs at the school. The foundation raises financial support from, and is accountable to, the parents and the wider community. It is the intent of the Fouondation to support the School Board and the Administration to ensure that donations are consistent with the spirit of the Woodside School Strategic Plan.

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